Squarespace Website Design

Whether you're an entrepreneur, photographer, farmer or rancher, your site is the pivot of your brand's digital presence. As an exclusive Squarespace designer, I will create a simple and functional site that can grow as you grow. 

I'll level with you, content is my sun-ripened blackberry jam. Squarespace allows me to focus on storytelling for your brand while ensuring once I hand over the keys to your beautiful new whip you'll be able to put it in gear.

Social Media Content Creation + Community Management

A social media manager is a jack-of-all-trades. A cat wrangler at best. On call 24/7, they’re expected to be the perfect combination of PR professional specializing in crisis communications, dancing monkey, mom, content curator, witty conversationalist, AP Style groupie and QB1.

Authentic marketing inspires earnest conversations elevating brand awareness. It also provides social media managers entertainment for days. Brands that can admit their faults, genuinely respond to real-time conversations while staying on-brand and appear to be just as real as the rest of us strategically capture their audience’s attention.

Diverse life experiences partnering with a marketing communications background establishes the groundwork for a solid career in digital marketing. Read as: you can’t teach life experiences, you can only appreciate them.

Behind the brands

While living that agency life, I have had the opportunity to work for a number of consumer brands reaching elevated exposure and earning numerous accolades. Follow the link to find examples of my work with Chickasaw Country, Smithfield Foods, National Gypsum, IVCC, Ohio Pork Council and Visit North Carolina.